None have to pick arms for rights : Nembang

Ilam, Aug 9 : Nepal Communist Party (CPN) leader Subash Chandra Nembang has said onwards none have to raise arms for rights in the country.

Inaugurating an information-friendly assembly of local Adarsha Secondary School in his hometown Ilam today, leader Nembang who was the chair in the then Constituent Assembly said rights were achievable through the constitution’s amendment and none had to fight for this.

‘”The constitution is the collective effort of all.  All political parties had come together to draft the constitution,” he said, underlining the need of such culture in the days ahead as well.

The major ruling party leader took time to claim the incumbent government would not inch back in regard with its commitments to making the people’s dream come true.

He also stressed the need for all to come together to fully enforce the constitution and realise country’s goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis’.

“I continued my studies at the school until I graduated from School Leaving Certificates (SLC). In some cases, a single teacher taught various subjects. Now the school has been transformed. I am happy,” he said.