Aanbookhaireni Rural Municipality sets up Mediation Centre in all wards

Damauli, Oct 14 The Aanbookhaireni Rural Municipality in Tanahu district has set up ‘Mediation Centre in all of its six wards to resolve the complaints and cases at local level. Each ward has four women and three men as mediators. The trained meditators in the Centre would facilitate the negotiation process of resolving all kinds of minor disputes and scuffles among the locals in a cordial manner and without having to reach out the municipalities, said Pushpadevi Shrestha, Vice-Chair of Aanbookhaireni Rural Municipality. Furthermore, the Centre provides mediation service for free of cost, informed Shrestha, adding that such Centres aims to contribute in promotion of social justice, human rights and securing public’s welfare. The participatory approach employed by such Centre during mediation process would not only contribute in resolving the personal or communal complaints in a cordial manner but also aims to empower women, Dalit, indigenous, Madheshi, Muslims, backward communities and marginalized communities. Earlier, Judicial Council in the rural municipality had been looking into the complaints and cases in the local level. With the establishment of the Mediation Centres at all wards, all such issues are expected to be resolved at ward level and in a hassle-free manner, said Aanbookhaireni Rural Municipality Chairperson, Gir Bahadur Thapa.